Utah Officers Fall Through Ice While Rescuing Teen From Pond

A teenage boy was saved after falling through ice and into a pond in Ogden, Utah, on Wednesday, February 9, despite several police officers and sheriff’s deputies also falling in during the rescue operation. Body-camera footage released by Ogden Police shows officers responding to a call that two boys had fallen through the ice at the 21st Street Pond. On arrival at around noon on Wednesday, they found that one of the two males had managed to get out of the water on their own while the second was “still struggling,” police said. Two officers went out on the ice to reach the second victim but then fell into the water themselves, police said. The Weber County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) arrived soon after to help, and said at least two of its deputies also ended up in the water. “After much effort, officers were able to rescue the victim from the ice. None of the officers or persons involved had significant injuries,” Ogden Police said. The WCSO lauded the work of the responders, paying a special mention to OPD Lieutenant Will Farr and WCSO Lieutenant Mark Horton. “Their training and quick response saved their lives. Great work, gentlemen!” the sheriff’s office said. Ogden Police said it was “grateful for the concerted effort of both law enforcement agencies” and grateful that no one sustained serious injuries. “We ask citizens to please be cautious around water where ice is present. In this season of ever-changing weather, it is uncertain as to the integrity of the ice,” they said. Credit: Ogden Police UT via Storyful

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