Scott Morrison memes over portofolio saga defended by office


Scott Morrison says he was just having a bit of “fun” at his own expense when he created memes on social media riffing on his secret ministries scandal, as momentum builds for the former prime minister to face a censure motion when parliament returns next month.

Following an extraordinary couple of days in which he was forced to apologise to his Liberal colleagues and the governor-general distanced himself from his conduct, Morrison took to Facebook on Thursday evening where the scandal was taking on a life of its own.

Scott Morrison poking fun at himself over the various memes that have been created due to the secret portfolio saga.

Scott Morrison poking fun at himself over the various memes that have been created due to the secret portfolio saga.Credit:Facebook

A spokesperson for Morrison said the member for Cook “has always had a good sense of humour” and confirmed the Facebook photoshop efforts showing the former PM as a member of comedy team Sooshi Mango were his own handiwork.

“He knows the issues are important but at the same time, he was happy to join in on the joke at his own expense. He saw some of the posts and found them amusing. He did all the posts himself,” the spokesperson said.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese chided his predecessor on morning television for making light of the matter, as Morrison bantered with businesses and groups posting photos to the social media site with his face photoshopped in, introducing him as the newest, and typically self-appointed, member of the team.


The former prime minister posted his own Photoshop effort, featuring him with the comedian group Sooshi Mango in a photo at Sydney Harbour, with the caption: “It’s been fun joining in on all the memes. But there are so many now I can’t keep up.”

“As Aussies, we can always have a chuckle at ourselves. Have a good evening. This was my own effort with the Sooshi Mango boys. Glad to be also joining their team, along with all the other gigs you guys have given me today,” Morrison wrote.

At an extraordinary hour-long press conference earlier in the week, Morrison sought to justify his decision to assume secret co-control of five ministries – health, finance, home affairs, treasury, and industry, science, energy and resources – during 2020 and 2021 without the knowledge of most of his senior ministers.

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