Roaring Noise Heard After Tennessee Chemical Plant Failure

Residents of Kingsport, Tennessee, awoke on January 31 to loud roaring noises after an incident at an Eastman Chemical plant led to the release of steam in the area. In a statement, the Eastman Chemical Company said its facility in Kingsport “experienced a high pressure steam line failure” at around 7:30 am, “resulting in vibrations that were felt by the surrounding community and loud noises from a consistent heavy release of steam.” The company said the incident left at least four with minor injuries, adding that it did not lead to a fire. The steam line failure startled locals like Katy Hickam, who said she was making her morning coffee when an initial “big boom” was followed by a roaring noise as loud as a jet plane flying over. This footage, which Hickam recorded on Monday, captures what company officials say is the sound of steam being released. A plume can also be seen in the area. Credit: Katy Hickam via Storyful

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