Resident Explains How Intentionally Flooding Village Slowed Russian Attack on Kyiv

An electrician explained how the destruction of a dam north of Kyiv flooded a local village, slowing Russian advances on the capital from the north. In an interview with media outlet Ukrainian Witness, electrician Vadym Khorunzhiy said he was on shift when Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. The next day the dam near Kozarovychi village was blown up by Ukrainian forces to prevent Russian forces from getting to Kyiv, he said. Ukrainian officials said the deliberate flooding of Demydiv, along with the fields around it, created a swamp that gave the Ukrainian army time to prepare the defense of Kyiv. According to local reports, the heavily flooded village of Demydiv was still cut off from Kyiv as of May 4 due to the destruction of a bridge across the Irpin river. According to the Ukrainian military, Demydiv and surrounding areas were re-taken by Ukrainian forces on April 1. Credit: Ukrainian Witness via Storyful

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