Police Smash Car Window to Rescue Dog as Heat Wave Hits UK


Police in England have warned residents not to leave dogs in hot cars after an officer had to smash a car window to get to a shih tzu in distress in Nottingham on Monday, August 8. Body camera footage shows police coming to the dog’s aid on the 81-degree day, and rushing the animal to the vet. “The small black shih tzu was barking and panting inside a locked car,” Nottinghamshire Police said in a statement. “The windows were left slightly open but it was not enough to prevent the dog collapsing. “Thankfully, police arrived just in time to save his life,” the department said. “They smashed the car’s window, gave him water and rushed him to a local vet in the back of a police car.” The dog’s body temperature reached 102.4 degrees Fahrenheit (39.1 Celsius) but the canine was “making a good recovery,” police said. A heat-health alert due to high temperatures was extended for another week on Friday. Credit: Nottinghamshire Police via Storyful

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