Josh Frydenberg paying $20 for the Tooth Fairy as inflation bites


If he received the equivalent of his son in 1977, he would have had to receive $3.40 for his tooth.

Labor’s shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers has responded to a request for comment – it seems he can indeed handle the tooth. The most recent Tooth Fairy visit in the Chalmers household cost $20, but the 44-year-old received $1 for his own baby teeth as a child.

Frydenberg’s Tooth Fairy inflation has bitten harder than the cost of dental services more generally. Nationally, those costs have only gone up 1.4 per cent over the past year according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Economist Angela Jackson said her kids get enough money to cover a chocolate bar – which is potentially counterproductive given the sugar content. But whatever parents decide, she reckons $2 or $5 is enough to match inflation without paying through your teeth.

“Obviously, the price of things is going up significantly, but Australian parents should rest assured that the rising cost of living doesn’t mean they have to pay $20 to match what they got as kids,” Jackson said.

We thought we’d ask you: how generous is the Tooth Fairy when it visits your home, and is it time the going rate was upped to compensate for inflation?

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