Cancellations, closures and sickness: Townsville cafe owners hit by ‘worst wave yet’ of pandemic


THE CURRENT wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is shaping up to be the ‘worst yet’, as businesses struggle to cope with the sudden rise in transmitted cases.

Cafe owner and operator Allan Bedford, who runs Cafe Nova and Gallery alongside David Ollett, said the duo have been forced to sit out an entire week of trade after contracting the virus themselves.

“We did everything right through the previous waves, the sanitiser on the tables and so on, we started doing the takeaway meals and such like a lot of other cafes,” Mr Bedford said.

“But this time is really, really bad. David and I, we’ve both been struck down by Covid. We’re not quite sure how, we’re assuming it was a customer at the cafe, but we don’t know.”

Because of their inability to continue operating while sick, the duo have been forced to cancel all their recent appointments, as well as a number of events across the previous week.

“We went through the entire pandemic so far without having to close down the cafe, so we’ll have to work harder next week and catch up, hopefully,” Mr Bedford said.

“It’ll take us a couple of weeks to get back on our feet. We see it everyday on the news that people aren’t wearing masks, so many people have Covid now, it’s thousands and thousands and people are just going around thinking it won’t happen to them. It does and it will.

“These next few weeks will be horrible.”

They’ve also had to cancel their home deliveries as well.

“There’s people who rely on us for our home-cooked meals, hopefully we’ll be able to get that back up and running for them in the next few weeks. Our high teas are cancelled and all the weekend bookings are gone as well. The CBD is struggling as it is, it’s hard to keep a business going already.”

The two operators are unsure if they’ll even be able to open over the coming week, as they’re still in isolation, battling the symptoms of the disease.

“We’ve had the four needles – the three vaccines, the booster and even the flu shot – and you just don’t know how it will hit you. Everyone’s different with their symptoms. I’ve had the fever, the aches, the headaches and everything else.

“If I didn’t have the Covid needles, I’m sure I’d be in hospital, it’s been horrible.”

Originally published as Cancellations, closures and sickness: Cafe owners hit by ‘worst wave yet’ of pandemic

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